5 proven ways to become an awesome grandmother

5 Proven Strategies to Become an Awesome Grandmother


5 Proven Strategies to Become an Awesome Grandmother

Grandmothers have a special bond with their grandchildren that's like no other! From playing games and baking cookies to providing heartfelt advice, being a grandmother provides an opportunity to pass down memory-making moments. Here are 5 effective tips for grandmothers looking to strengthen their relationships with the precious little ones in their lives.

Spend Quality Time Together.

Quality time with your grandkids is key in developing a strong bond. Get creative and come up with ways to spend special moments together that go beyond just the usual hanging out. Take them on outings, invite them over for sleepovers at your house, or explore a nearby park or playground. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it's an experience that your grandchild will remember for the rest of their life!

Help Out with Childcare Duties.

Grandmas are a huge help when it comes to taking care of the grandkids! Give your daughter or son-in-law a break when they need it and volunteer to watch your grandchildren while they’re busy. Not only can this be a fun opportunity to bond with your grandkids, it also gives you a chance to demonstrate your love and commitment towards them. Plus, making yourself available for childcare duties is greatly appreciated by any parent!

Take Part in Fun Activities with Your Grandchildren.

While taking a walk, playing sports, or just having fun outdoors is great for quality time with your grandchildren, it’s also important to plan activities that are specifically enjoyable for them. Whether it’s baking cookies or crafting a special gift, try your best to think of things that will make it meaningful and exciting for the kids. Plus, don’t forget to be yourself when playing with them - let those giggles out! You'll all have an awesome time making lasting memories.

Lend an Ear & Talk to Them About Anything & Everything.

Becoming an awesome grandmother means being engaged in your grandchildren’s lives. Talk to them and make time to listen to what they have to say, whether it's a story about school or a question about life. Show genuine interest and provide loving advice that your grandkids can take with them during the different stages of their growing up. Plus, this is also a great opportunity for you to share stories of your own experiences when you were growing up - the kids will love it!

Show & Teach New Skills or Hobbies Ideas to Your Grandkids.

Teaching your grandkids new skills or hobbies - such as painting, cooking, sports, gardening and crafting - can help cultivate lifelong interests, introduce your grandchildren to new ideas and help them stay entertained. It’s also a wonderful bonding activity that they can share with you. In addition to teaching them something new, you are also providing a memorable experience together. This will ensure that your grandkids have something to look forward to during visits!


So there you have it! 5 Proven Strategies to Become an Awesome Grandmother. Which of the strategies are you using already and which of the strategies you will do more or start doing? Do you have a strategy that you think will help others? Let us know what it is!

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